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Subpar Cosplayers

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last post by member (seriously) [Oct. 17th, 2008|02:45 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers
[Current Location |dreamxguru headquarters, duh]
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naruto Pictures, Images and Photos
dreamxguru is a community/group of cosplayers
who communicate online because we live so very far away from each other =(
We cosplay almost any anime and love it.
We are made up of people who usually dont get to go to anime conventions because of time/money or never really have been to any before.
Anyway, we do videos, pictures, and most of our videos are scripted while others are just plain random.
If anyone would like to join, please go to our community:

Want to check out our latest videos? Look at our youtube site:

Want a sample of one of our scripts? Check out our quizilla:

And please join today!
(Picture courtesy of photobucket)

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haysup? [Oct. 16th, 2008|07:45 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I'm still getting the vest for my Mello cosplay but my Matsuda cosplay is done. (pretty simple)
These characters are both from deathnote.
I have an online cosplay group and its pretty hard to explain but we all cosplay parts of a scripted video in cosplay,
and just put it together. (If you'd like to join, please tell  me!)
At the moment, I dont have so much videos up. (Just 4)
But i would love it if anyone could watch my videos and tell me what you think.
I am not a full on cosplayer as I'm still trying to find parts for other costumes (very hard and expensive!)
but i love cosplaying more than anything and i just want people to see it ;]

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/user/dreamxguru
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2006|09:03 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers


Pretty sure this is an attempted Naga from Slayers, although it looks like she just put on some lingerie, a belt, and a cape and decided to go cosplaying. ~_^
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Makes me cry blood [Jun. 9th, 2006|12:56 am]
Subpar Cosplayers

I found this community awhile ago, and it makes me a bit sad that there have been no new posts in about seven months. Hence, I come out of the shadows.

I'm kind of a Cosplay Nazi, and also a really big Sailor Moon fan. So..this kind of just shocked me in multiple ways of awful:

This girl is apparently Sailor Jupiter.
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via Somethingawful.com [Nov. 1st, 2005|03:44 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers


More gems to be found amongst the Blizzard Entertainment Con Official Photo Gallery.
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Linked to last Post [Aug. 19th, 2005|07:23 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Also can anyway tell me how to make Inuyasha's sword or Sango's Boomerange. Don't know if the spelling's right for the boomerange, and I don't know how to spell the japanese version of it.
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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2005|07:15 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers

My name is Danielle, and I'm sort of a newbie to this site. Anyway I was wondering if anyone can tell me a good site or store, to find some sort of fangs resembling inuyasha's; or a cross shaped scar like Kenshin. Thanxs!
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ED IS NAKED [Jun. 20th, 2005|11:18 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers


Okay... for those of you with question marks in your eyes. That is Ed from Cowboy Bebop. Let me remind you Ed is the little genderless crazy kid who you never get to see any boobs or butts from. That's faye's job. Now as you see above. Ed is naked... and also if you saw her from the back, half of her ass was hanging out. Thank God she wasn't fat...
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2005|06:39 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers
[mood |awesome?]
[music |lovefool - the cardigans]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

reason will not reach a solutionCollapse )
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2005|05:30 pm]
Subpar Cosplayers

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